What is the Rockford GTUG

The Rockford Google Technology User Group (GTUG) is a user group for people who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial. Rockford bridges the distance gap between Madison, WI and Chicago, IL and serves the northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin communities.

What is the goal of the group?

The goal of the group is an exchange of technology information. This includes but is not limited to Google technologies. The group often discusses other new technologies but has a focus on using Google technologies.

How do I become a member?

Membership is open an free. Simply join our mailing list and participate in discussions and meetings.

Do you accept sponsorships?

The Rockford Google Technology User Group (GTUG) does accept corporate sponsorship. Sponsors are allow special presentations at GTUG events. Contact us for more information about this.

Can I be a presenter?

Yes! That is the most important part of being in GTUG you can share your life experiences. Simply join the mailing list and sign up to speak at a future event.